How to go faster

Here is some rules I found useful to go faster Make decisions faster. Make decisions in the right order. Only make decisions once, unless new data gives you a profitable reason to change your mind. Don’t ask everyone to help you decide. Ask the people who will either improve the decision or who have input that will make it more likely you won’t get vetoed later. Triage decisions. Some decisions don’t matter. »

Spotify Engineering Culture

Hi my dear reader. Last times a was thinking a lot about company culture, visions and happiness. Was digging internet a lot. And here is some interesting culture Spotify uses. And it works very well. »

Configuring Ghost to work with Apache proxy

Hi Gents. In the Transition from WordPress to Ghost post I promised to tell how I configured Ghost, to work on Linux with already configured and running on port 80 Apache HTTP web server. There are several options for installation, but I have AWS EC2 instance with Ubuntu and already running another WordPress blog. And I can’t change that blogging platform, because it is used by another person. So here is my instruction how to install Ghost blogging platform on Ubuntu server with already running web server Apache. »