piZap Photo Editor, Collage Maker & Stickers

Hi Gents. Today I would like to talk about pizap - online and mobile photo editor. I work on this project about 2 years. For me, working on this project has become a very pleasant surprise. I did not expect such an interesting project in the near future. At the moment, traffic to the site piZap is about 1.5 million hits per day! I was surprised too when I found out about it. »

Introduction in CSS3 Media Queries

Hi Gents. CSS2 allows to specify style table for specific media type, display or print view. But now CSS3 does it more effectively. And all it is about media queries. You can add media type expressions to check specific conditions and apply different styles. For example, you can have one style for large displays and specific styles for mobile devices. It is very powerful, because it allows to adopt to different device resolutions without content changes. »

Styling ordered list

Hi Gents. By default most of the browsers displays numbers in the list with the same font style as list body. Below you can see some small tutorial about ordered list (ol) and paragraph (p) elements for ordered lists styling. Demo Overview What is needed it is style list with font Gorgia, and then set font Arial for p element (in ol): 1. HTML code Create ordered list. Do not forget to wrap your text with p: »

Transition from WordPress to Ghost

Hi Gents. First of all I was not really good blogger :) I posted random things at random time. And there is really no sense in it. Most of the time I was spending for configuring WordPress (it is what I used before). But things changes and time goes. And I decided to organize a little bit my life. I started with removing all not needed software, tools, data I was messing with all the time. »

How To Create Circles With CSS3 and No Images

Thanks to CSS3 it’s now possible to create circles with only code. Look ma, no images! In the following post, I’ll show you how to create full, half and quarter circles using only CSS. Unfortunately, the half and quarter circles only work in Firefox at this time. The trick to creating the circles, is the use of the border-radius selector. Coding a full circle Below are the styles for creating a full circle. »