Configuring Ghost to work with Apache proxy

Hi Gents. In the Transition from WordPress to Ghost post I promised to tell how I configured Ghost, to work on Linux with already configured and running on port 80 Apache HTTP web server. There are several options for installation, but I have AWS EC2 instance with Ubuntu and already running another WordPress blog. And I can’t change that blogging platform, because it is used by another person. So here is my instruction how to install Ghost blogging platform on Ubuntu server with already running web server Apache. »

piZap Photo Editor, Collage Maker & Stickers

Hi Gents. Today I would like to talk about pizap - online and mobile photo editor. I work on this project about 2 years. For me, working on this project has become a very pleasant surprise. I did not expect such an interesting project in the near future. At the moment, traffic to the site piZap is about 1.5 million hits per day! I was surprised too when I found out about it. »

Introduction in CSS3 Media Queries

Hi Gents. CSS2 allows to specify style table for specific media type, display or print view. But now CSS3 does it more effectively. And all it is about media queries. You can add media type expressions to check specific conditions and apply different styles. For example, you can have one style for large displays and specific styles for mobile devices. It is very powerful, because it allows to adopt to different device resolutions without content changes. »