Transition from WordPress to Ghost

Hi Gents.

First of all I was not really good blogger :) I posted random things at random time. And there is really no sense in it. Most of the time I was spending for configuring WordPress (it is what I used before).

But things changes and time goes. And I decided to organize a little bit my life. I started with removing all not needed software, tools, data I was messing with all the time. It is kind of time management and performance optimization :). Why I have started this? Because I want to spend my time for things I like the most. I like communicate with people, I like to learn new technologies, I like to share knowledges I got.

I have a great job, a lot of work around it. But with it I want to spend more time for personal applications development, healthcare apps development, reading, blogging, fitness.

From first words sounds not real, but I am trying to accomplish this and once I started it I realised that I can do it. I can do all these things with great quality. I just have to believe.

And here I got in my weekly mailing list article about Ghost Blogging platform. I was impressed with it and decided, that one time I should try it. And in 1 month I tried it. In next month I transfered some of my articles from WordPress to the Ghost.

I decided to transfer not all articles. Just took most important from my prospective and transfered them. There was additional section on my old blog in russian language. But I decided to translate all russian articles to the english and move forward just with english. I think most of the readers are developers, so even russian developers at least a little bit know english.

I am writing this post and I really understand how I enjoy this process now. It was not so clear and easy in WordPress. I just opened website, logged in, clicked “plus” and started writing in clear and light interface with realtime preview! Nothing more. Just my thoughts and white paper!

I will explain a litle bit how I installed Ghost with Apache webserver in next article. So, please, follow up.